Please Note:

Send your Colleague, CROA, Synoptix, and WebAdvisor issues to:

Here is the Ellucian Hub link.

And here is Training Information.

The next planned updates are:

Colleague updates will be installed and production will be cloned to SQL Test1 on Sunday, December 30 between 6:00 a.m. and noon.

During this process Colleague and related services will be unavailable. This includes WebAdvisor, Self-Service, Synoptix, and CROA.

Links to Colleague UI

UI 5.4 supports current versions of Edge, Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, and probably others that support HTML 5

Ellucian recommends (in order) Firefox, Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer

Ellucian also recommends clearing your browser cache before using UI 5.7 for the first time.

UI 5 Quick Tour for migrating from UI 4.x

SQL Production UI 5.7

SQL Test 1 UI 5.7 (21 October 2018)

SQL Test 2 UI 5.7 (9 July 2017)

Colleague UI 4.5 only works with Internet Explorer on Windows or Safari on Mac OS.

Production UI 4.5

Links to WebAdvisor

Production WebAdvisor

SQL Test 1 WebAdvisor

SQL Test 2 WebAdvisor

SQL Test 4 WebAdvisor

Links to Self-Service

Production Self-Service

SQL Test 1 Self-Service

SQL Test 2 Self-Service

CROA Links

Scheduled Data Refreshes

Note: the Java app and creating new reports only work with Internet Explorer on Windows or Safari on Mac OS.

If Single Sign On fails, use your CatNet ID and password and Windows AD authentication to log in.

BI Launchpad (Windows AD or Enterprise authentication)

BI Launchpad (CatNet Single Sign On - Windows IE or Edge)

BI Launchpad (CatNet Single Sign On - Mac Safari)